Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Website?

Web design Santee focuses on more than just the appearance. As search engines try to keep Internet users safe, there are many regulations that website owners have to adhere to. One of those regulations is having an SSL certificate. SSL is the backbone for a secure Internet. It protects sensitive information that is being sent across the world computer networks. Today having an SSL certificate is no longer optional. This is regardless of whether your website handles sensitive information or not. SSL provides critical security, privacy and data integrity for your website and the user’s personal information.

It encrypts sensitive information

The primary purpose of SSL is to keep sensitive information that is being sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipients can access it. With SSL, no computer between you and the server can see the information you are sending may it be usernames, credit card numbers or passwords. Having an SSL certificate will even boost your search engine rankings on Google. This is one of the top reasons why your web designer Santee will recommend you get an SSL certificate.

Provides authentication

Away from data encryption, having an SSL certificate will give authentication. This means you will be sending the information securely to the intended server and no imposter will be able to eavesdrop. Having SSL means you will be able to avoid websites that trick users into sending information to them instead of to your website. All you need to do is get SSL certificate from trusted SSL providers.

Trusted SSL providers only issue SSL certificates to companies that have been verified. Several identify checks are done to verify a company. Special types of SSL certificates like EV SSL Certificates require thorough validation than the other types.

SSL provides trust

One of the reasons you need to account for the cost of SSL certificate in your web design Santee budget is because having SSL will provide trust to potential clients. Web browsers provide visual cues that let web users know if they are on a trusted website or not. If your website still uses http:// instead of https://, users will know right away that yours is not a secure website and they might never trust you. SSL providers will give you a trust seal which helps win the trust of visitors.

Required for PCI compliance

Last but not least, it is good to note that SSL is needed for PCI compliance. To accept credit cards your website must have an SSL certificate.

There are so many reasons why you need to get an SSL certificate. The only two disadvantages of using SSL are cost and performance. You will pay more to get the SSL certificate and on performance using SSL requires more server resources. You will gain a lot more from getting SSL.

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