Web Design Santee – What You Should Understand About Web Content

If you have done your research on web design Santee, you probably have come across the phrase, ‘content is king’. This is because you can have the best looking website in the world but if it doesn’t offer quality content it will fail. The only reason people come to your website and stay on is because you are offering great content.

Importance of good quality content

Every web designer Santee knows that visitors are not interested in your 3 pixel or 5 pixel borders. They want to gain something from your website and that is only made possible by the content. Yes visitors appreciate a great user interface but not more than great content. The majority of websites that register a high bounce rate is mostly because of poor content. No visitor will want to go back to a website that offers no value to them.

Quality content will keep visitors on your website longer and even compel them to share your content even more.  Regardless of how good looking your website is and how fast it loads, content will always remain king at the end of the day. There are two types of web content; text and media


Text is what makes up the biggest part of most websites. Text is seen in both images and in text blocks. The best text is one that has been written for the web rather than being copied and pasted from other print sources. Great text content will also have quality links to help visitors get more information and also be able to take action such as contacting you or placing an order. Text must also be optimized for search using both short tail and long tail keywords.

As you work on your text content, remember that most people hate reading large blocks of text. Make use of catchy headings, subheadings and also use bullets and lists. Highlighting the important parts will also ensure readers understand what you are trying to say. To further improve your web design Santee, you must make use of white spaces.


This includes images, animations, sound and videos. In the past it was referred to as multimedia. Although media is important, you have to use it in moderation else it will cause your website to be sluggish. You must also avoid using videos and audios that auto-play; they can be distracting. Last but not least, in order not to affect the load speed of your website, you should upload videos on video sharing sites and embed them on your website instead of uploading them directly to your website.

The quality of your web content will determine the success of your website. Ask your web designer Santee for advice on how to use media.

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Web Design Santee – How to Create a Better Webpage

Paying attention to your web design Santee will reward you with return visitors. The mistake most people make is that of assuming that any web template will work perfectly for their needs. That is not true. Every website is unique and even when using templates you have to customize them to your needs. Here are a couple of things you need to do to create a better website.

Choose graphics with care

Graphics make it easier for you to drive your point home and also improves visual appeal. However, you need to always use graphics with care. Here are some important things you have to do as a web designer Santee:

  • Optimize the images. The images need to be large enough to deliver great quality on a big monitor and small enough to allow your page to load fast. Heavy and too much images will cause your pages to load slowly.
  • Use graphics that fit your content. Not every photo needs to go on your website. The graphics you use should support your content.
  • Use animations sparingly. Flashing images are a distraction and can be annoying.

Stick with basic layouts

It is okay to have a complex webpage but standard layouts are the key to making it in online marketing. The use of 6 or 8 frames on your web pages will simply be overkill. A page that has to be scrolled from left to right will also confuse viewers. Yes building such a page can be fun but it will simply push visitors away. Basic layouts are familiar to viewers thus the reason they are so popular.

You also need to make use of whitespaces. White spaces make it easier to consume your web content. Graphics can also be used as an element in your page layout. For example you can wrap text around an image thereby making your image a design element.

Choose fonts carefully

You may have the best content but if your fonts are hard to read you will end up losing visitors. Nobody wants to copy and paste your content on their text editor and change the font just to understand what you are saying. Use a font that is easy to read. You also need to limit the number of fonts on your page to just three fonts.

Put your readers first

Last but not least, you have to think about your readers in web design Santee. Create a website that they can use easily and pages that are compatible with multiple browsers and mobile devices. You also need to create content that your target readers want.

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Why You Should Work with a Web Design Agency

When searching for a great web designer Santee, it is always a great idea to hire one from a web design agency. The reason for this is because agencies have the team you need to get your website done professionally while with individuals most of the work will have to be outsourced. To better help you understand the importance of working with an agency; we shall be looking at the three professionals you can expect to find in an agency.

Web designer

A web designer has education and experienced focused on graphics and layout. This is the team responsible for your web design Santee. Agencies hire designers who are visually artistic. Designers focus their education on design and less on building website pages. A lot of their time is spent learning HTML and how to use design software.

The web designer is the one that influences the user experience of your website the most. This is why focus has to be on the competence of web designers when choosing a web design firm to work with. Take a look at as many websites created by the agency as you can. This will give you an idea on how they work.

Web programmer

Behind the scenes is the web programmer. The work of a web programmer is to focus on the behavior of a website. Most web programmers are simply software developers skilled at specific programming languages. The team has experience using various programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, Java and C++.

The only way to gauge the competence of web programmers in a web design agency is to interact with various websites that the agency has created. Do the websites work as they should? Can you spot the functionality you are looking for?

Web producer

The third team is made up of web producers. This is the team that creates and manages the content of a website. Web producers are skilled writers and have a strong understanding of online marketing and PR. Web producers also serve as intermediaries between programmers, web designers Santee and the rest of the web design agency.

As you can see, when creating a professional website, you will not be able to get all the expert skills you need to get your website done from a single web designer. This is the main reason why it is a great idea to outsource web design Santee. You will be able to accomplish more with an agency than with an individual.

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5 Things Your Web Designer Should Bring to the Table

Web design Santee has come a long way from the age of static pages to more dynamic websites. Although there are many tools you can use to build your own website, it is always great to work with an expert if what you need is a professional website. When hiring a web designer, here are the 5 crucial things you have to ensure the designer will bring to the table.

Design Sense

There is a lot more to web design than simply putting together the right colors. The best web designer Santee will be knowledgeable on the elements of design and basic design principles as well as typography best practice, layout principles, how to use images and more. The designer must also consider how people will interact with your website. How your website looks has a significant impact on how success it will be. Pick a designer who gives priority to customer experience.

Mobile support

Even with the best web design you will not go far if your website doesn’t cater to mobile users. You should bear in mind that over 60% of the traffic you will get will come from mobile users. This is why the web designer you end up hiring must offer mobile support. He should be able to create for you a responsive website that is compatible with multiple devices. Your website applications must also work smoothly on any device.


Search engine optimization is a must. If your website doesn’t appear in search engine results you will not achieve the heights you desire in online marketing. The web designer Santee you hire must understand the various factors that affect your website’s search engine ranking and employ a sound strategy that boosts your ranking. Always request to see the strategy the designer will use to improve your ranking.

Web Server Administration

Knowing a little bit about the web server that your website will run on can help solve most problems as well as boost the performance. Refrain from using a web designer that feels they can ignore the server. This is because when a designer knows what a website responds to he will be able to build a better website.  

Project Management

Last but not least, your web designer should have great project management skills. Not having these skills will cause your project to take longer than it should to get done. Great project management skills will ensure that the project gets done on time.

These are vital skills you need to look for when hiring a web designer for web design Santee. Only hire a professional you feel has the skills and ability to give you the results that you need. Never forget to check their references.

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Top Reasons Why Your Website is failing

Having the best web design Santee is not the only thing you need to ace it in digital marketing. There are so many other things you have to think about in order to build a website that helps you beat your competition. In this article we will be looking at the main reasons why your website is failing and how you can fix it.

Not mobile friendly

This is a no brainer. When hiring a web designer Santee you want to hire one that will be able to create for you a website that is responsive. Over 60% of the visitors you will be getting on your website will be using mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly you will end up losing those visitors. It is also good to note that having a mobile friendly website will boost your search engine rankings.

When getting a new website built, you need to make sure that it is responsive. You have to test it not only on desktop browsers but also on different mobile devices. Great web design agencies offer mobile friendliness as a standard.

Not optimized for search

You probably already know this. Most of your traffic will come from search engines. What this means is that if your website does not rank well your competitors will always have an upper hand. Optimizing a website takes more than doing the right keyword research. Your web design Santee has a part to play on your website’s SEO. Ensure your web designer optimizes your code for search.

To further optimize your website for search, you must use a combination of both short and long tail keywords. Take note of voice searches and use keywords people use when speaking. You also need to check that the technical SEO of your website is in good shape.

No promotion

It is common for people to create a website and leave it at that. One thing you must remember is that there are thousands if not millions of websites that are similar to yours. For you to get in front of your target audiences, you have to optimize your website.

The only way to success in digital marketing is to actively promote your website. The good news is that there are marketing firms you can hire to help with marketing. Your web designer Santee can also help with the following:

  • Organic traffic
  • Paid advertising
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Referral links

Other common issues that may be dragging your website behind are slow page load speeds, no call-to-action, broken pages & links, and poor navigation. Always perform an audit of your website frequently and improve it.

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Avoidable Reasons Why Your Business Website is failing

Hiring an experienced web designer Santee is very important when creating a website. It is also good to learn of the things that may cause your business website from excelling. In this article we shall be looking at the four avoidable issues that may be limiting the success of your website.

Undefined business objectives

The first thing visitors want to learn when they get on your website is your business’ objectives. You may have the best web design Santee but if your website doesn’t define the purpose and mission of your website visitors will be confused and click away. The homepage of your website should define what your business is all about. The information you share must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. No serious client wants to do business with a company that doesn’t have goals.

Poor user experience

How easy is it to navigate your website? This is the first question you need to ask yourself as soon as you open your business website. Statistics show that more than 75% of visitors will abandon a website if it is not easy for them to find the information they need. Don’t make information hard to find or content hard to comprehend. A cumbersome website will kill your business. Ask for user feedbacks and make the recommendations they are proposing.

Ambiguous taglines

The content is what determines the success of your website. High quality content will keep visitors coming back for more and compel them to share it on their social media platforms. All other components including media and web design Santee play a supporting role to support the content and make it more effective. You also need to remember that users don’t read, they simply scan through content until they find what they want. Your content should be specific, memorable and consistent. You must also make your content scan-able by using whitespaces, subheadings and lists. Your web content must also tell visitors how your content can help them, why they should care about doing business with you and what value you will deliver.

Ineffective calls to action

Not having a call to action will make your website ineffective. This is because visitors want to know what you want them to do next. Even so, using your CTAs poorly will not lead to any positive results. Effective CTAs will create a sense of urgency, and encourage users to respond. The CTA must also be placed strategically on your website so that they don’t just stand out but also make sense. Use a specific color to highlight your CTAs.

These are the most important things you should ask your web designer Santee to do when creating your website. In all that you do, you must never ask for too much from the visitors. For example, don’t require them to fill out long forms before they can complete a purchase or view your content.

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Which is the Best Web Hosting Package to Use?

Before you start working on a web design Santee, you have to think about hosting. The files of your website will have to be stored somewhere. Although it is possible to host your own website on a local server, it is better to host it on a remote server. When you choose a hosting company to work with, you will be presented with at least four options to choose from. They include the following.

Shared hosting

This is the most affordable hosting option. The shared hosting plans cost less than $10 per month. The problem with this package is that your website will be placed on the same server as several other websites. This means the bad reputation of websites on the shared severs can tarnish the reputation of your website more so when it comes to search engine ranking. Your web designer Santee will mostly recommend shared hosting if your budget is limited.

Cloud hosting

This is a more reliable hosting option. Your website will be hosted on several severs instead of just one server. The beauty of this option is that in case one server fails your website will still be reachable through other severs. Cloud hosting is more expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than Virtual private servers. The cost for managed cloud hosting can, however, be higher than the cost of using dedicated hosting.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

With this option, the hosting service provider will divide one sever into virtual services. This means that your website will get hosted the same as dedicated hosting. The reason for this is because each virtual server has allocated resources which are not shared. Unlike shared hosting where a website can take up most of the resources, you will maintain the same allocated resources throughout when using a VPS.

Dedicated hosting

This is the best option for a business website. All the resources are dedicated. Needless to say, this is the most expensive hosting package you will come across. It is perfect for large companies that have high-traffic websites. The cost for dedicated hosting starts from $100 per month.

Always consider the reputation of hosting service before purchasing a hosting service from them. Today most hosting companies offer domain name registration which means you don’t have to use more than one company to get your domain and hosting. You must also consider your website needs in order to select a package that is perfect for your website.

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Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Service

An experienced web designer Santee will be happy to tell you that hosting packages are not the same. Yes you might have selected a dedicated package from one company but the results will not be the same across hosting companies. Some companies offer better services than others. If you are searching for the best hosting package, here are the key features you need to look for in a hosting service.

Storage and bandwidth

The amount of bandwidth and storage you need will depend on what you will be hosting on your website. For example if your web design Santee will rely heavily on high resolution images you will need a bigger storage. On the other hand, if you want your website to load fast and if you expect to get lots of traffic, you need to get more bandwidth. Bandwidth is what determines how fast your website loads. If you have high traffic, and offer video downloads you need to get more bandwidth. When deciding on the bandwidth to use you have to account for traffic spikes as well as growth.

Be wary of unlimited plans. Unlimited never means infinite. In most cases, you will end up paying more if your visitors exceed the average customer that is set by the hosting company. Always take the time to understand what the hosting company means by unlimited.


Security has to be a top concern when deciding on the hosting package to use. Most hosting companies offer SSL encryption, SPAM protection and some form of website backups. For an ecommerce store, you will need extra security. You have to look beyond the basic features and check for such features like hack protection and DDoS protection. You will find these features under the advanced plans.

Automatic backups

Once your web design Santee is done, the last thing you want is to lose everything. This is why you need a hosting company that offers automatic backups as well as one-click restore. Getting daily backups means you will be able to restore your website easily in case it is compromised in any way.

Customer support

Last but not least, you have to make sure that you will get dedicated customer support. In case something goes wrong with your hosting service, you should be able to get the technical support you need to restore your website. If the company has a poor customer support you will end up suffering.

These are the key features you need to look for when choosing a hosting package. More time has to be committed in learning more about the hosting company. Are their services reliable? Do they have a good reputation?

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Best Ways to Optimize Your Website’s Performance

The primary focus of any experienced web designer Santee is to create a website that loads fast and one that performs perfectly. The main focus is usually on speed. Nobody wants to spend his time on a slow website. If your website is slow, visitors will quickly click away and this will be registered as a bounce. A high bounce rate will not only cost you valuable business but also push your business ranking down. If you want to learn how to optimize your website’s performance, here are the top things you need to do.

Test your website’s speed

You will not be able to pinpoint the issues on your website without first testing its speed. The good news is that there are so many online tools that you can use to test the overall speed of your website. The results will help you know where your website is lacking. Here are the most popular tools you can use:

  • GTMetrix
  • Yoast Google Analytics Plugin
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom
  • YSlow
  • Web Page Analyzer

Optimize your images

To improve the speed of your website, you need to optimize the file size of your images. This is the first thing you need to do to your web design Santee. Your images need to be in small file sizes. You don’t have to sacrifice resolution when doing this. There are many tools you can use to resize the file size without sacrificing resolution. You also need to use suitable formats. JPEG is optimized for photos whereas GIF and PNG are recommended for icons and web graphics.


CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. You need to use CDN if you display a large amount of data. CDN uses a huge network of servers situated in various locations to help deliver content to visitors much faster. The closer to a CDN server a visitor is the faster the content will load.

Reduce the number of plugins

Plugins will save you from coding every function that you want on your web design Santee. The problem, however, is that using too many plugins will cause your website to be slow. You should only install a handful of plugins and deactivate and remove the unnecessary plugins from your website. If you are not sure if plugins are the cause of the slow speed, you can deactivate all of them then test the speed.

Enable browser caching

This is the first recommendation a web designer Santee will give you. With browser caching, your pages will be stored on the website of your visitor. What this means is that when the visitor comes back to your website, the page will not have to be loaded afresh but just to be updated. As a result, it will load much faster.

Pick a reliable web host

Last but not least, you need to use a reliable web host and select a package that offers the resources that you need. Steer clear of shared hosting plans if yours is a resource-intensive website.

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Web Design Santee – 5 Things that Slow Down a Website

Web design Santee is not something you should rush. There are so many things you have to consider. Top on the list is the speed of the website. More often than not, websites fail to meet their purpose because they are slow. As a result, they record high bounce rates which subsequently lead to poor ranking on search engines. If you are wondering why your website is slow, here are the main things you should consider.

Third-party online ad network

To monetize your website, your web designer Santee will recommend that you use online advertising. Although this option will bring in money, it poses a risk to the overall performance of your website. This is mostly because the codes, mostly JavaScript, which is used to display online ads can cause your website to be slow.

Wrong web host

One of the first things you will need to do when creating your website is to find a web host. This is where your website’s data will be stored. Not every web host will guarantee reliable speeds. Most websites are slow because of poor choice of web host. If yours is a resource intensive website and you select a web host that cannot keep up with the demand, the performance of your website will decline. In this case your website will be slow and may even keep on crushing. This is common when using a shared server environment. Changing your web host or upgrading to a new web host can solve this issue.

Too many plugins and widgets

If you are building your website on WordPress, you may be tempted to use plugins to add functionality. The problem with using too many widgets/plugins is that they will cause the speed of your website to decline. What is more is that some plugin might conflict with each other thus slowing your website even further. Be careful when selecting plugins and use as few of them as possible. Only install plugins that are updated regularly and ones with good ratings.

Too many external embedded media

It is highly recommended to embed external media instead of uploading videos directly to your website. Doing so will help your website to load fast. Even so, it is good to note that having too many embedded media will slow your website. This is because too many external embedded media add additional code to your pages. This will affect the load speed.

Using large image files

This is the most common mistake people make when working on a web design Santee. Failing to reduce the size of image files will bloat your website. You need to trim the size of the images before uploading them.

There are many other things that will affect the performance of your website. An experienced web designer Santee will make sure that your website is optimized for both speed and performance. Don’t hire just any designer that comes your way.

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