Get Responsive

Internet Advertising Services Get Your Website Responsive!

 Still Old School? Fix it!

It’s ok for you to be Old School.  It’s not for your website.  If you haven’t made your website responsive yet you need to do it now! 

Every day that goes by that your website is not responsive is another day of lost sales.

When Did it Start?
Since 2014 consumers began using their mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) to search more often than on a desktop or laptop.  Since then consumers no longer expect to have to pinch and push to see what they need. 

If your website is outdated… if it’s not Responsive… you’re losing sales.  That’s because consumers will not strain to see what they want.  They abandon websites that require them to work to get what they want.  If you’re still on an outdated, Old School site Contact Us to see how we can convert your site to be responsive.

New School Mobile Examples