Why Should You Invest in a Responsive Web Design?

When it comes to web design Santee, the objective is to create a website that meets a purpose. This is in relation to content management, visual appeal and online marketing. All in all, this is never an easy thing to achieve. There are so many moving parts. First you have to find the ultimate web designer to help with the creation of your website. Second you have to keep up with the trends. When designing a website, investing more in a responsive/ mobile friendly website is the best thing you can do and here is why.

It is cost effective

The best thing about most web development tools today is that they allow for the creation of a responsive web design by default. However, there are still some web designers Santee who build everything from scratch including the content management system. Always insist on a responsive web design. A responsive design is one that will adjust to fit any screen it is being viewed on. You don’t need to have two websites for your business; one for mobile and the other for desktop. Having a responsive web design will save you time and money in website maintenance and also help combat the issue of duplicate content.

Boost traffic

A study by InMobi concluded that more than 60% of the traffic you get will be from mobile devices. Having a mobile friendly website thus enables you to increase traffic to your site. You should note that mobile users who get on a website that is not mobile friendly quickly click away regardless of the quality of content it is offering. You should also note that Google gives ranking priority to websites that are mobile friendly.

Improved SEO

As you may already know, Google revised its algorithm in April 2015 to favor mobile friendly websites in ranking. You will thus get a better ranking on Google and other major search engines if you build a website that is mobile friendly.

Improved user-experience

A responsive web design Santee offers a much better user experience to mobile users. Users don’t need to keep swiping from right to left and back to view your content. A responsive website will adjust itself to fit on any screen it is being viewed on. What is more is that all the web elements will work perfectly without forcing visitors to zoom in to click on a button.

There are so many benefits that come with having a responsive web design. You should, however, ensure that you are working with a web designer Santee who has experience creating websites that are responsive. Always view his previous work before hiring him.

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How to Build a User Centric Website

When it comes to web design Santee, your target audiences must always come first. You must never create a website for yourself but for your audience. This is the key to building a website that is user centric. Needless to say, how user-centric your website is determines the amount of bounce rate you deal with. But how do you create a website that your users will love?

Focus on quality and credibility

After new visitors get on your website, the first thing they will look at is how well your web design is and the quality of your content. For you to keep new visitors from leaving, you need to offer them content that is of high quality, interesting, readable and one that is credible. Your web designer Santee must ensure that the web design enhances the deliverability of the message. A bad web design can be a barrier.

Design for skimming

One thing you might already know is that people don’t love reading huge paragraphs. Your visitors want to find the point they are looking for and make the required action if need be. To keep them from missing the point, you have to design your website and content for skimming and not for reading. To achieve this you must add headings and subheadings to your web content. You also need to make use of lists and highlight the important points. The idea is to make the content as scan-worthy as possible. Doing this will help increase conversion.

Keep user intuition in mind

Most users don’t pay attention to how your website has been designed. Their focus is on how easy it is to get around your website. This is where user intuition comes in. As much as you would love to create a web design Santee that is completely unique, you have to ensure that certain elements are where users would expect to find them. For example, the search box needs to be on the top right side of your pages. You must also assume that your visitors don’t have any technical skills. Create a simple website that even a kid can use.

Load speed

How fast your website loads will determine the amount of bounce rate you deal with. Visitors expect your page to load in 2 seconds or less. If it takes longer, you will notice a high bounce rate. Your web designer Santee can help improve the load speed by refining the code, resizing the images, picking the right hosting services and so on.

Your website will not appeal to everyone. The key is to listen to what your users want and keep testing your website’s performance. Your audience must always come first when designing a new website.

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Important Stats to Refine Your Web Design Project

Working on a new web design Santee can be exciting. This is your chance to build something new that improves your business. Even as you hire the most competent web design agency out there, it is critical that you do your research on the prevailing trends. In this post we will be looking at vital stats that will influence your decisions as you create your new website.

Web design and user experience
According to Econsultancy, 47% of your visitors expect your pages to load up in less than 2 seconds. The good news is that an experienced web designer Santee can help decrease the load time of your web pages. Decreasing the load time requires things like proper image sizing, caching and minimal coding. Another important stat by Adobe is that 39% of visitors will stop engaging with you if the images on your website don’t load or take long to load.

There are many things that cause a website to be slow. The excessive use of images is one of those things. A knowledgeable web designer understands this and will help you find the perfect balance of text, images, layouts and other elements to ensure the website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

Web design and content
A study by KoMarketing found that 47% of visitors first view the products and services page before browsing to the other parts of a website. This means more than half of the visitors you get will be interested in your products or services page first. This means the products or services page needs to be a priority in web design Santee. A bad experience on these pages will lead to high bounce rates.

The whole purpose of building a business website is to funnel clients in. Ensure you give attention to the pages that really matter. Less time should be spent on the executive officer profiles and more time spent on products or services as well as the about us pages.

Mobile friendliness
A research by Google concluded that 75% of users prefer the mobile friendly websites. 50% of users reported frustrations when using a design that is not mobile friendly. With this in mind, you must ensure that your web design is optimized for mobile devices. Hire a web designer Santee that can create a responsive web design that loads smoothly on both desktop computers and mobile devices regardless of the screen size.

With these statistics in mind, you will be able to build a better website for your business. The most important thing to do, however, is to hire the most dependable team for the web design project. Don’t work with a designer just because they are cheap but because they are good in what they do.

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How to Shop for a New Website

You may have the best web design Santee but once you take a look at what your competitors are doing you realize that your website is lacking in more ways than you imagined. This is why before you start working on your website you need first to review the websites of your competitors, consider the trends, and make a list of all the things you wish to see. You will also need to hire a competent web design agency to help with the design work. Here are some of the key things you need to do when shopping for a new website.

Identify your website goals
Even before you hire a web designer Santee; it is paramount that you know what you expect your new website to do for you. Do you need it to be a lead generation machine, resource center, a credibility piece, an online brochure, customer service tool or what do you have in mind. With your desired functions in mind, you will be able to define your parameters much easier.

Make a list of must-haves and would-likes
Once your goals are clear, the next step is to determine the absolute must haves. What must your website have? The list doesn’t need to be too long. The list should, however, be clear and detailed. An internal meeting with the stakeholders, employees and listening to clients’ feedbacks will help compile a comprehensive list of both must-haves and would-likes.

Set a budget
You don’t want the cost of web design Santee to go beyond your financial reach. That is why you need to set a budget range well in advance. Your web designer will be instrument in this stage. If you haven’t hire a designer yet, you can consult with web design agencies and request for detailed quotes. The amount you end up spending will also vary depending on whether you will be working with a freelancer or an established web design agency.

Know your CMS needs
It is a huge decision to select a CMS (content management system). Although it is okay to leave this decision to your developer, learning a few things about CMSs will help determine if the choice made by the designer is a sound one or not. Make sure you use a CMS that you can update yourself. Proprietary CMSs are great but they will force you to keep working with a specific web designer because you don’t own the rights to the CMS.

Ask for live websites
Last but not least, after discussing your needs with a web designer Santee, the next step is to ask them for a list of websites they have created recently. View as many live websites as you can. Can you see something that resembles what you are looking for?

Shopping for a website is not something you should rush. Always ensure you do sufficient research before starting work on the project. Remember that your website will be your online store. A poorly designed website will tarnish the reputation of your brand.

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Web Designer Santee – What You Must Consider Before Hiring a Web Designer

Hiring an experienced web designer Santee is the most intelligent thing to do when working on a website. The web designer understands the web development process, is familiar with the trends and will be surefooted when creating your personal or business website. The end product will be more refined than when using templates. All in all, you should understand that not every web designer will help create the masterpiece you are looking for. You need to find an agency that has the experience and resources to build the kind of website you need. Here are a few important considerations you should make before hiring a web designer.

Your project requirements
This is a no-brainer. For you to find the web designer that has everything you need to create your innovate website, you need first to understand your project needs. The complexity and scare of your project will impact the kind of team you hire. Are you looking for a large redesign or a new build with complex, custom work and tech integrations? For a small personal website, hiring an individual designer to help with web design Santee will be sufficient. Complex websites, on the other hand, require a large team. You need to compile a list of all your web design needs before you start researching local web designers.

How soon do you need the new website to be up and running? How soon the project gets done will depend on how complex it is and the team you end up hiring. The web design and development process involves communications, approvals, reviews, content gathering and meetings. Make sure the web designer you are hiring is not buried neck deep in work. Make sure he is available to take on your project.

Your budget
You also need to consider how much money you want to spend on web design Santee. The much you are ready to spend will determine the kind of website that the web designer creates. You also need to determine whether you want to be billed at an hourly rate or a fixed price. If you are on a tight budget, you can create a simple website then grow it as time goes.

Previous work of the designer
Looking at the previous work of a web designer will give you a rough idea on whether they can handle your project. Don’t just take their word for it. Before hiring, ask for references and visit as many live websites as you can. The key here is to check if they can create what you are looking for?

Hiring a web designer Santee is not something you should rush. Always take your time. The idea is to ensure you have someone who is not just competent to create your website but someone you feel comfortable working with.

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Web Designer Santee – How to Vet a Web Designer

Hiring a web designer Santee is easy. You will be able to find the contacts of almost all the web design agencies in your area with a simple Google search. Finding the most qualified web designer, on the other hand, requires more consideration. In this post we will be looking at the top things you need to do in order to find the right professional for your web design needs.

Understands how design and copy works together
Cost, experience and reputation are the top things people look for when searching for a professional to help with their web design Santee. As much as these are important considerations, it is paramount that you hire a designer that understands how design and copy work together. The person you hire should understand the importance of using visual aesthetics to make your content more powerful. A talented web designer focuses more on the overarching user experience and the messaging that is being conveyed in the web content. They use their best practices to create a website that helps visitors find the information they need efficiently.

Must take the time to understand your goals
Communication matters a lot in web development. If the web designer starts creating your website without first understanding your objectives, the final results will be lacking. Innovative web designer come prepared to the planning sessions by first researching your brand and understanding your needs. They will be happy to listen to your creative ideas and give recommendations. Steer clear of web design agencies that are reluctant to listen to you. You are the person with the vision and the work of the designer is to bring that vision to life.

View a huge variety of live websites
To clarify that you have found the best web designer Santee for the job, you need to insist on viewing a large variety of their live websites. Don’t take their word for it. In addition to getting references, you need to take time viewing as many of their websites as you can. Can you see what you are looking for in any of their live websites? If a web designer claims to have worked in your industry, you should find at least three live websites of businesses in your industry.

Will help choose a CMS
Selecting the right Content Management System (CMS) can be tricky. There are so many to choose from. The most popular ones are WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla. Proprietary CMSs are also available. A good web designer will give you solid reasons why he recommends a certain CMS for your type of website.

Should let you retain ownership rights
Last but not least, you need to make sure that you will retain ownership rights once the website is done. Some designers retain ownership of the code and CMS. Make sure your web designer relinquishes all ownership rights. That way you will not be locked into a contract.

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How to Choose the Best Web Host

web design SanteeWhen you start thinking about web design Santee, the first thing you have to do is pick a good domain name and select a reliable hosting provider. Choosing the right web host is the most important thing. Remember that your web host will be the only storing your website files. If his servers are ever offline, your website will be offline. The reliability of your website depends on the services offered by the web host. In this post we will be looking at the crucial things you have to do when deciding on a web host to use.

Know the type of hosting that you need
Long before you start reviewing different hosting companies, you need to make a list of all the things that you need from a web host. How many sites will you be hosting? How many email addresses do you need? How much traffic are you planning on getting? What is your hosting budget? A personal portfolio website does not need a dedicated servicer. A high-volume online store, on the other hand will not work with shared hosting. Your web designer Santee will help determine the best resources for your website.

  • Shared hosting

This is the cheapest hosting option. The websites share the resources of a single server. Shared hosting is simple and uncomplicated. It is the recommended option for small websites. You can upgrade to better packages once your website picks up.

  • VPS hosting

This hosting option offers more flexibility for the fast growing websites. VPS (virtual private server) is the perfect middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting. With this option, the server is divided into virtual machines that act as independent dedicated servers. The server is still shared but resources are not depleted in peak hours as is the case with shared hosting.

  • Dedicated hosting

This is for when you need maximum server resources and security. This is for the high performance websites. With this option your website uses an entire server to power it and its applications. No resources are shared. You get complete control over security systems customization, doting architecture, load balancers, operating systems and so on. This is the most expensive hosting option out there. With the cheapest web host you can expect to pay a minimum of $79.98 per month.

Know the type of website you want
The second step is to determine the type of website that you need. Do you want to create a blog, an online store, an online portfolio, a personal website or a business website? The needs are different for each of these websites.

Know the resources you need
Last but not least, you have to understand the resources that you need. This is in terms of storage, RAM, bandwidth, domains, email, uptime rates, security and support.

As you can see, selecting a web host is not as straightforward. Even after considering all the above, you have to understand how a web host pricing works and always be proactive. The reputation of the hosting company also matters a lot.

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How to Ace Google Featured Snippets

web design SanteeAfter finishing work on a web design Santee, the next step is to get a high ranking on search engine results. Most SEOs, bloggers and digital marketers optimize their websites with technical SEO, boost the quality of their content and build backlinks in every corner of the Internet. What they forget is the Position 0: Google’s answer box or the featured snippet.

What is a featured snippet?
After you ask a question in Google Search, Google shows a summary of the answer that is extracted from the website that answers it. A link to the page, page title and URL are also provided. This information is shown in a screenshot above other search results. The rich answer box is what is known as a featured snippet. It can bring you more traffic if your pages pop up in this area. The web designer Santee you work with must be familiar with the featured snippets

What you need to understand about featured snippets
There are so many reasons why you should work extra hard to get featured snippets. Here are the top reasons:

  • About 13% of Google queries return a featured snippet at the top of other search results
  • Approximately 97% of the featured snippets answer the question of the user correctly
  • There are 4 types of featured snippets in SERPs: Paragraph (text), List (bulleted or numbered), Table and Video (from YouTube).
  • Voice searches borrow answers almost exclusively from the featured snippets. 85% of paragraph snippets result in voice answers.
  • 99% of featured snippets are awarded to the URLs that are on the first search results page
  • Pages that earn featured snippets get 28% of all the clicks
  • 85% of featured snippets are triggered by long-tail keywords

How to optimize for featured snippets
With everything else being constant, the following are factors that will increase your chances of getting featured snippets.

  • Target keywords with questions. Queries that start with ‘why’ and ‘what’ return paragraph snippets 90% of the time.
  • Google truncates lists with over 8 items in the snippets. Create longer lists to entice users to click your link.
  • Use more visuals. Top performing featured snippets had an average of 12 images with the appropriate ALT text. You should also use landscape images that have 4:3 aspect ratios.
  • 83% of websites that get featured snippets use HTTPS. If you still use HTTP, get HTTPS immediately.
  • Get a minim score of 95 on Google Mobile Usability and Google Mobile Friendly.
  • Pages that get featured snippets have 30 to 40 outgoing link citations in their content.
  • Increase site authority by earning more links from trusted domains.
  • Provide quality information including a resources section in your website.
  • Break your blog post into headings and subheadings. Use many H1 to H6 tags.
  • Maximize social shares and the on-page engagement like comments.

Creating the perfect web design Santee is easy. The hard part is creating a website that gets lots of traffic. Investing in the featured snippets will give you a good start.

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