How to Build a User Centric Website

When it comes to web design Santee, your target audiences must always come first. You must never create a website for yourself but for your audience. This is the key to building a website that is user centric. Needless to say, how user-centric your website is determines the amount of bounce rate you deal with. But how do you create a website that your users will love?

Focus on quality and credibility

After new visitors get on your website, the first thing they will look at is how well your web design is and the quality of your content. For you to keep new visitors from leaving, you need to offer them content that is of high quality, interesting, readable and one that is credible. Your web designer Santee must ensure that the web design enhances the deliverability of the message. A bad web design can be a barrier.

Design for skimming

One thing you might already know is that people don’t love reading huge paragraphs. Your visitors want to find the point they are looking for and make the required action if need be. To keep them from missing the point, you have to design your website and content for skimming and not for reading. To achieve this you must add headings and subheadings to your web content. You also need to make use of lists and highlight the important points. The idea is to make the content as scan-worthy as possible. Doing this will help increase conversion.

Keep user intuition in mind

Most users don’t pay attention to how your website has been designed. Their focus is on how easy it is to get around your website. This is where user intuition comes in. As much as you would love to create a web design Santee that is completely unique, you have to ensure that certain elements are where users would expect to find them. For example, the search box needs to be on the top right side of your pages. You must also assume that your visitors don’t have any technical skills. Create a simple website that even a kid can use.

Load speed

How fast your website loads will determine the amount of bounce rate you deal with. Visitors expect your page to load in 2 seconds or less. If it takes longer, you will notice a high bounce rate. Your web designer Santee can help improve the load speed by refining the code, resizing the images, picking the right hosting services and so on.

Your website will not appeal to everyone. The key is to listen to what your users want and keep testing your website’s performance. Your audience must always come first when designing a new website.

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