Mistakes to avoid in website design

A unique and compelling web design Santee is not an option anymore. Web design is meant to function in a way that makes the website enjoyable, navigable, interesting and usable. Having a poor website causes businesses to lose customers and that is money out of the door. When it comes to creating a design that boosts conversions and generates revenue, a lot of businesses continue to struggle. In this article we will look at the mistakes that you have to avoid so as to increase the amount of traffic, leads and sales your website gets.

Your website is slow

As a web designer Santee, you need to understand that people are generally impatient whether its offline or online. Users don’t like waiting for anything and expect your website to load fast. If it takes more than 4 seconds for any page to load completely then it’s too slow. You should ensure to minimize all controllable factors slowing down the site speed by using proper website code, optimized graphics and reliable site hosting. The slower your site is, the more likely your users are going to leave the page.

Using unclear fonts

One of the most common website flaws is texts that are too difficult to read. Fonts that are difficult to read decrease cognitive fluency. Cognitive fluency is the ease of use for the visitors on your site. An unclear font will increase cognitive load and decrease understanding of information. You should also avoid changing your fonts repeatedly for this will decrease the cognitive fluency that breaks your visitor’s focus.

Not answering visitor questions

It is important to know your target audience and what they really want. Visitors leave websites that ignore or refuse to answer questions they need answers to. The home page should impress and answer the questions new visitors want and not to distract them from the message. You need to plan how they will learn more about your service or products and when they can get access to the website. Your visitors have lots of questions that change as they move from visitors to potential subscribers and customers.

Hidden navigation

Simple navigation is one of the important aspects of website usability. You don’t want your visitor having a hard time on your site because he or she is finding it hard to get what they are looking for. Navigability issues will kill your websites popularity fast. Ensure the navigational aspects of your web design Santee are easily understood and easy to notice. For easy navigation, you could consider good search features, good internal linking and multiple ways to explore content among others.

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Content Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Website

While creating an amazing web design Santee is important, the content you add will determine if visitors will stay on or leave as soon as they get on your website. Visitors are visiting your website for the content and not just for the aesthetic appeal. This is why it is very important to create better content. Here are a few mistakes you must avoid when creating your content.

Your content isn’t focused on visitors

Your main focus as a web designer Santee should be creating content that focuses on your customers current and potential needs. When customers visit your website and don’t find the information they are interested in, they will not read your content but rather log off. Inexperienced content ignores the customers’ desires, goals, fears, frustrations and problems thus making it not to be engaging and informative.

Poor grammar

Spelling, grammar and punctuation makes a massive difference to your website. Grammar creates a problem when it becomes a habit and there is no excuse for poor spelling. Potential customers will definitely be put off if the errors are not corrected over time. This will erode your website’s credibility which will make a terrible first impression.

Choosing an unclear font

Finding the best font to go with your web design Santee can feel like playing the memory game. You have numerous choices to select from but only certain fonts seem to match. There are many fancy fonts that seem to be fun and perfect fit for your website but you have to keep it simple. You want to use font that is clear because the entire point is to make your website easy to use and read for your potential customers. An unclear font on your website will increase cognitive load and decrease understanding of the information you are putting across.

Content that is not easy to scan

The people that visit your website want to find what they want quickly. If your content isn’t easy to scan they will lose interest or miss the important points. You can fix this by using headlines, bullet lists and numbered lists whenever possible in your content. This kind of content will be very easy to scan and far more likely to be read by your audience.

Poor use of whitespace

Whitespace is often used to balance elements on a page by creating a natural flow for the user to navigate through the content, making the information easier to digest. It increases comprehension, improves readability, increases attention and maximizes clarity. When there is not enough white space, the content becomes overwhelming for the visitors to read.

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Web Design Santee – Best Way to Optimize Your Website for Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the hardest parts after building a web design Santee. With good SEO you can attract more traffic and get more opportunities to convert potential customers and outpace the competition. In this article we will introduce you to tips and strategies that will help you optimize your website and improve your rankings on all popular search engines.

Conduct market analysis

An effective SEO strategy is rooted in the needs and desires of the customers. What language do the customers use to search for your product or services? It is important to analyze your website often to determine what changes should be made. As a web designer Santee you need to assess the site navigation, context, and overall cosmetics of the website. If you meet your audience’s expectations at the end of the day and help them find what they have been looking for, you will secure a customer.

Research keyword to target

You have to identify keywords that are related to your site’s content. It can be popular search terms that lead people to your site and words related to your general topic. You will need to develop a list of the most searched terms and while at this you can check at your competitor’s research. This will help know which keywords you can compete for and one that is most relevant

Include Meta and title tags

Meta tags exist only for search engines and other bots. Using Meta tags in your web design Santee will help boost your website’s search ratings like placing a title tag at the top of each page to identify the document’s general content to search engines.

Keep providing new content

Length is everything and new content is such a critical factor in keeping visitors interested and coming back for more. You are more likely to be ranked higher if people spend lots of time on a page. This will also require you to update your content at least once per week for optimal results.

Get other websites to link you

Building backlinks are a prime factor that can increase your search engine ranking and website traffic. Getting quality backlinks takes effort. You can link your website to relevant directories and forums and share your article with them while pointing them to a page you shared a piece of their content. As you build a solid back link profile, your pages will climb up the ranks.

These tips will help get started in the right path as a web designer Santee. The important rule to remember is that SEO is a continuous process. You have to continue doing it regularly.

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Characteristics of a Great Website

A great web design Santee is important for targeting a great number of users. Well then, what makes a website successful? If you’re building a website, it should not just look good but also provide a seamless user experience for visitors. Here are some characteristics a good website must possess.


The correct content in your website provides users and visitors the information they require. The content allows you to establish yourself as a perfect expert in your field of study. As a web designer Santee, you should remember that planning your website in sections and categories that carefully presents information helps users consume your content better.

Easy Navigation

Simple navigation is one of the most important aspects of website usability. You don’t want your visitor to have a hard time on your site because finding what they want is hard. For easy navigation you could consider good search features, good internal linking, multiple ways to explore content among others.

Webpage speed and performance

People inherently lose patience quickly and that basically applies when visiting a website. You should ensure to minimize all controllable factors slowing down the site speed by using proper website code, optimized graphics and reliable site hosting.


A great web designer Santee builds a website that is search engine friendly. If your website is not optimized for mobile users and their download speed, visitors may leave your website. Optimization includes things like using page titles and tags for all of your pages.

Reliable and accessible

Is your website reliable and user friendly? Can visitors access your website at any given time? A stellar web design should contain a user friendly scheme that is accessible to everyone including the blind, disabled and even the elderly. You need to plan how they will learn more about your service or products and when they can get access to the website.

Simple, fresh and unique

The web design Santee of a good website should be simple yet professional. The home page should impress and answer the questions new visitors want and not to distract them from the message. Too much use of flash and moving images in your website can be very distracting to visitors.

Updating your website frequently will encourage visitors to keep coming back. These visitors will tend to be more loyal and more likely to buy your products. Update the site and add more content occasionally. While at this do find something that would be more appealing to your target market.

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