What You Must Do in Online Branding

The purpose of investing in a web design Santee is to facilitate branding. For some people, branding is all about creating a logo and a tagline. That is not enough. Having a logo and a tagline is just the start. A lot more needs to be done. In this article, we will be looking at the top things you need to do when it comes to online branding. Most of these points can also be used in offline branding.

Know your audience
The first step in branding is to consider and analyze your ideal client. Who are you targeting? You need to understand the needs and challenges of your audiences. It is only by defining your audiences clearly that you will be able to tailor your strategy to them. Even before you contact a web designer Santee, you must know who you are marketing to. That way you will be able to appeal to them.

Focus on your strengths
This is an obvious point but you will be amazed by the sheer number of companies that are unable to articulate their strengths. Know what the strengths of your firm are and how you can add value to your target clients. You must come up with a list of strengths that your business has. You can involve your customer service, sales and management team to compile the list of strengths. With the list in hand, you need to cut it down to the top five strengths. The strengths you select must be relevant to your clients.

Have a strong mission statement
With the strengths of your business in hand, you will be able to refine your mission statement easily. The mission statement has to be concise, specific and well written down. The mission statement needs to be the mantra of your business.

Be consistent
Don’t make your audiences feel like they are dealing with a different company each time to find you in a different medium. For starters, your web design Santee needs to be consistent. All the pages should have the same layout. Your branding message, on the other hand, needs to be consistent too. If your focus is on efficiency, you need to carry that message throughout the brand-related pieces.

Differentiate yourself
You don’t want to be mistake for your competitor or for your clients to feel like you are a copy-cat. You need to be unique. Clients should be able to differentiate you from your competitors. Make it clear that your services are valuable and unique.

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Best Ideas for Your Business Blog

Web design Santee often includes the creation of a blog. Your website needs a blog on which you can share valuable information that you would not otherwise place it on the pages of your website. A good blog will be quite instrumental in driving traffic to your business. However, it is good to note that the success of your blog will rest on the quality and type of content that you share. Here are some of the best ideas you can use for your next blog.

How-to tips
It is very easy to run out of topic to cover on your blog. However, when it comes to the ‘how-to tips’, the ideas are limitless. People are more interested in blogs that teach them how to do something. Sharing how-to tips will hence enable you to capture the audiences that are searching for the how-tos. You can give away a lot of information using this strategy. Don’t hesitate to ask your web designer Santee to create illustrations. The how-to tips can be related to your products or services or virtually anything that you might think.

Share highlights
If any of your products or services is often misunderstood, you should consider creating blog posts that strive to demystify them. The posts should simplify and offer the highlights of your products or services. For example, if you offer inbound marketing services, you can create posts that covers the highlights of inbound marketing. The blog does not need to promote your services. It can just cover inbound marketing to offer a scoop that helps the B2B firms.

It is obvious that you get a lot of inquiries from your customers. You can use these questions to create a blog that discusses the Frequently Asked Questions. You can choose to give answers to frequently asked questions or create posts for each major question that your customers ask.

Discuss industry advancements
You need to portray yourself as an expert in your field. One good way of doing this is by discussing the industry advancements. What is changing in your industry? What is the future of the industry? Cover any topic you are knowledgeable in.

Discuss current news items
If there is a news item that relates to your industry, you can use it to create new blogs. The mainstream news will offer numerous news items that pertain to your industry. Pick the most popular pieces and create blogs.

Other options you can use to create blogs include compiling statistics, being seasonal and making a top 10 list. There is no limit. All you have to do is be observant and keep an eye on what is happening around you. The rule of thumb, however, is to only cover the topics you are knowledgeable in.

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Web Design Santee – When Should You Use Stock Photos on Your Website

Virtually every web design Santee calls for the use of images. The use of images makes it easy for the target audiences to understand a concept and also improves aesthetic appeal. The big question, however, is on when to use stock photos and when to take your own photos. In this article, we shall look at the best times to use stock photos.

When to use the stock photos
Stock photos are images that you can download from stock photography websites and use them on your website. You can go with the free ones that use shared licenses or pick premium stock photos that give you full ownership of the license. Even so, as a web designer Santee, you will not be able to use these photos just anywhere. Here are the main areas where you can use these images.

  • You don’t have any images available

This is the main reason why most companies use these images. If your company doesn’t have any professional in-action images that have been taken while your employees were providing services, then you can go with the stock photos. This is not uncommon more so when it comes to the service-based organizations like finance, recruiting, accounting and consulting companies.

  • Action images

There are times when certain actions are very hard to convey. For example, conveying the duties of a finance partner or consultant can be hard. Iconography or other graphic elements can be used to tell the story of a brand more accurately.

  • Convey emotion

You can use stock photos to convey an emotion you would like your visitors to get from your website. This is achieved best with artistic or abstract imagery. You will find stock photos for conveying just any emotion that you want.

  • Tell a story

One of the reasons why photos are added to a web design Santee is so as to make it easy to tell a story. There are so many stock photos out there you can use to tell the story that you want. Considering your employees are not professional models, telling the story that you want might not be possible when using them as models.

  • Supplements

Taking your own professional photographs will be a great idea. You will, however, not have the time and resources you need to take the professional photos that you need every time a need arises. Stock photos can hence be used to supplement your professional photos.

Stock photos are a great resource. They should, however, be used carefully. The overuse of these images may cause your website to look generic. Online shoppers are very cautious with generic websites.

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Web Design Santee – What Causes Delays in Web Design?

At the start of a website project, a schedule is determined for web design Santee, copywriting, development and QA. However, even when working with the most reliable web designer in the business, you never get to launch on the predetermined date. There are so many reasons that cause delays in web development. In this post, we shall be looking at the top reasons.

Not giving timely feedback
The issue with project delays is often on the side of the client and not the web designer Santee. The role of a web designer is to bring your vision to life. He will not be able to do that without your feedback. That is why the main reason for delays in web development is failure to provide timely feedback. When both the client and the web designer provide timely feedback and communicate regularly, the project will proceed smoothly. If feedback from either party is delayed for several days, it will end up pushing the delivery date further back.

Missing deadlines for providing reference materials
Many pieces of a web design project relies on smaller pieces most of which have to come from the client. Devoid the necessary content and images, the web designer will not be able to complete the project. To speed up the project, a client should make sure that he provides all the necessary materials on time. During your initial discussion with the web designer, you will be provided with a list of all the things you will have to provide. You need to make all these pieces available on time.

Too many decision makers
Too many cooks spoil the broth. When there are so many people that are involved in decision making, disagreements will arise and with disagreements comes delays. Having to run every decision by the many decision makers will also lead to delays in the web development process. It is good to only have one or two people as the main decision makers.

Changing the goals or direction midway through the project
If the goals of the website are changed midway through the project, the web designer Santee will have to start over. This will definitely lead to delays. Change in direction or goals arises when there are new team members added to the project.

The above are the main causes of delays in web design Santee. There are many more causes. To ensure the project runs smoothly and is delivered on time, you need to ensure that you plan your website carefully before any development starts. Make sure your web designer understands your objectives clearly before you get started.

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Which is Better, Internal or External Web Hosting?

web designer SanteeAs a web designer Santee, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is that on the hosting service to use. There are so many options to go with. You can choose to go with shared, dedicated, cloud hosting and there is now the option of hosting your website internally. In this article, we shall be taking a quick look at the pros and cons of both internal and external web hosting.

Internal web hosting
Internal hosting refers to the practice of an organization setting up its own web servers to host their website. Most of the companies that use this option for their web design Santee already have an internal IT staff that helps with web management. The main drawback with internal web hosting is that there are no economies of scale. It can be a tad expensive when compared to external web hosting.

The best thing about internal web hosting is that it is faster than external web hosting. What is more is that the organization gets full control of the hosted environment.

For internal web hosting to work, you need to hire a team that will monitor your web servers 24/7. The team must also keep an eye out for hackers and other cyber vulnerabilities. An organization will also need to invest in assets, hardware, servers and the applications needed for internal hosting. As aforementioned, this can be very expensive.

External web hosting
This is the method in which a company outsources the web hosting needs to a third-party web hosting service provider. This is the most widely used option because of the economies of scale and the fact that it is less demanding when it comes to maintenance.

Many people find it practical to outsource their web hosting to a hosting company. This is because the option allows a company to focus on its business content and software without having to waste time on networking and security infrastructures of their websites. There are also web development and design companies that offer hosting services. This means you can get web design Santee done by the same company that will be hosting your website.

Every hosting company offers its own unique services. The more comprehensive the services are the better. Make sure you pay attention to the services you will get before choosing a hosting company.

The decision on whether to host your website internally or externally will depend mostly on your budget and IT resources. For the small businesses, it makes more sense to get external web hosting services.

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Should You Host Your Website Internally

web design SanteeLong before you start working on a web design Santee, you have to think about hosting. Website hosting is what gives your website a home. You will not be able to go live if you don’t have a web hosting service and a domain name. A common question that people ask is on whether they can host their websites internally. The option is viable but it is not the best way to go.

Although any experienced web designer Santee will advise against hosting your website internally, there are many reasons why companies choose to host their websites internally. The decision has its fair share of pros and cons. Let us look at them.


  • No hosting/management fees

The beauty of hosting a website internally is that you never have to worry about the hosting or management fees. You use your internal resources to host your website. This is a great option if your company has the IT resources needed to smoothly host a website.

  • Management control

With internal hosting, you will enjoy better management control. You will no longer have to worry about restrictions imposed by hosting service providers. You can play by your own rules. You will be able to decide everything in the hosted environment thus retaining full control.

  • Change control

No new change will be made without your say so. This is the grand beauty of hosting a website internally. You will have control over changes to the storage space, bandwidth, criteria and timetables for any change.

  • Performance

When compared with cloud hosted websites, the internally hosted websites enjoy better performance. This is because the resources are not shared or limited. Provided you have the IT infrastructure, you can allocate as much bandwidth as you want to your website.


  • Management responsibility

One of the major disadvantages of hosting your website internally is the management responsibility. You will need a team to monitor and manage your website round the clock. This can be hard to do if your IT team is small.

  • Maintenance costs

Unlike using external hosting services where the cost of hardware, software and maintenance is spread across the many clients a hosting company has, you will meet all the costs alone when hosting the website internally. There are no economies of scale.

  • Hosting costs

All the supporting power, space and cooling costs will be charged to your company. There are no economies of scale which means the costs can get real high.

  • Resource utilization

You staff and payroll dollars have to be focused partially on managing and maintaining the hosting infrastructure.

Choosing a hosting company is a good option. It will save you money and give you access to better tools. It is easier to keep up with the latest technologies when using external hosting services.

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