Characteristics of a Web Design that Influences Success

With a wealth of information available in web pages, making a successful website with a remarkable web design Santee can be very challenging. The first thing you would look at in your site the design outline. It is proven that people choose a website for its design and second for the content that is displayed. Consequently, it is possible for the owner of a website to focus on a website’s first impression based on the quality of content, usability and visual aesthetics. The following are some characteristics that will influence the success of a design.

High quality content

The content written on your website is of great importance. This is why people visit your site in order to get what you are selling or the service you are offering. The content on your website should be helpful and meet the needs of your target audience. As a web designer Santee, you second task is to make sure that the web layout makes it easy for your audiences to consume the content.

Match user’s expectations

Once a user loads your site, he or she is searching for something specific. You as the administrator of the site must provide the content to meet the needs of the user. For example, if you design a website for a chain of car companies, a user is expected to see the different models of vehicles and how much they cost. The rule of thumb is to deliver on your promise. If you only beat about the bush you will lose potential customers.

Text is optimized for scanning

It is a known fact that users’ never read online materials but just scan through a page as they look for what they are searching for. If your website is not scanable, you will have failed as a web designer Santee. The last thing you want, also, is for a visitors to miss the main point as they scan through your page. You have to highlight the important points. The following tips will help optimize your web pages for scanning.

  • Avoid long blocks of text with no images. Such content will be skipped by users. Use headlines and straight forward paragraphs and if possible make sure you can include some relevant images.
  • Optimize your web layout. Statistics show that most people scan content in a website in an ‘F’ manner. They read the first pages but then start skipping sentences. For this matter, as an administrator you have to put the important statements where they are visible to the user’s eyes.


Contact information

As the owner of a website and a company your contact information should be visible to the users. Make the work of clients easy by making sure your contact details are easy to find. In addition to having a contact us page, ensure the contact information is at the top or bottom of every page.

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