Top Reasons Why You Might Need a New Website

Web design Santee is mostly considered when creating a website for the first time. Thereafter, the only thing that people do is update the layout and content. But did you know there are times when you might need to build a whole new website? In this post we will be looking at the main reasons why you might need a new website.

Outdated layout

If your web design is outdated, it will be easier to create a whole new website. A new website will mostly be needed if your website is not mobile-friendly. According to Google, 77% of mobile searches occur in places desktop computers are likely to be present. There are more mobile searches than ever before. What is more is that in April 2015 Google rolled out a new update which favors mobile-friendly website in ranking. Asking your web designer Santee to build a new mobile friendly website will actually boost your search rankings.

Search engine rankings are terrible

If your search engine rankings are abysmal now might be the best time to build a new website. If you have been doing everything possible to boost your rankings but your website doesn’t seem to rank, creating a new website can help achieve better results in search engine rankings. The reason your website might not be ranking well is because your web design is not SEO friendly. The best way to solve this issue is by creating a new website.

Your website is not interactive

If your website is passive, you need to build a new one. Expectations of visitors on your website are changing. Visitors want to spend time on a website that offers them what they want. A passive website will repel visitors whereas an interactive one will encourage visitors to come back, link to you and stay longer on your site.

Takes over 3 seconds to load

How fast your website loads matters. Slow speeds are often caused by how your website has been designed. Therefore, if you have optimized your images, made use of caching plugins, changed to a better hosting plan but still experience slow speeds, there is a good chance the problem is in how your website has been coded. Creating a new website might be the only way forward.

There are many more reasons why you might need to create a new website. The important thing to do is hire a competent web designer Santee. The last thing you want is for an incompetent designer to make the same mistakes your previous designer made.

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