Smart Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

Prior to starting work on a web design Santee, the first thing you must do is get a winning domain name. The domain name serves as the address to your website. It is what visitors’ type into their web browsers to get to your website. That being said, your domain name has the power to build or ruin your website. That is why you should focus on picking the best domain name from the start. Here are a few tips you can use to choose the best domain name.

Should be brand-able

The domain name will be the face of your company. It is the URL people will associate with your brand. You should, therefore, make it sound like your brand. When doing this, you must never insert numbers, hyphens or anything that makes your domain name unnatural or complicated. Your web designer Santee may also recommend that you use your brand name or major keyword in the domain name.

Should be pronounceable

In order for your visitors to remember the domain name and type it correctly you must also make sure that it is pronounceable. Even if your users will be less likely to say your domain name out loud, a pronounceable domain name makes it easy for your clients to share it correctly with their friends. If you cannot pronounce it correctly, spelling it will also be hard. The lesson here is to make the domain name easy for your clients to remember and type.

Keep it short

The worst thing about long domain names is that it is easy for clients to misspell them. Needless to say, if they misspell your domain name, there is a good chance they will land on another website or assume that your website no longer exists. Your domain name needs to be short but not too short. If your brand or products are referred to regularly by the initials, you can use acronyms for the domain name.

Go after the .com

The .com is the most popular extension. People will always assume that your URL ends with .com. Regardless of how catchy the new extensions are you need to stay away from them. Your first choice, regardless of the type of your business, needs to be .com.

These are the crucial things you need to do when choosing a domain name for your website. An experienced web designer Santee can help you modify or append it if necessary and also use keywords sensibly. The key is to make your domain name instantly intuitive.

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