SEO Tips for Non-Technical Content Creators

If you want your efforts in web design Santee to succeed, you will have to create great content. Your website will not succeed without the help of search engine optimization (SEO). Yes it is a lot of work to create great content that is optimized for search but following these simple tips will help get the best results. Here are the important things you need to do for on-page SEO.

Identify your audience

The first thing every web designer Santee will do when creating your website is to understand your audience. The case is the same when it comes to content creation. You need to think of your audience first. Regardless of who you are targeting, your audience will always be after content that is easy to consume and digest. The right content is one that contains something that the audiences want. With your target audience in mind, you need to create content that will inform, entertain or fulfill the unique needs of your audience. Ask these questions:

  • Will the audience find the content interesting?
  • Will they consider the content to be funny, informative, etc.?
  • Will they share the content with other people?
  • Is the content and the key points easy to understand?

Lure them in with your headline

Most people hate reading. This is why when searching for information online they only click on the one that offers the answers they need. To reel your audience in, you have to create a headline that is engaging, descriptive and concise. Stick to headlines that are 140 characters long. The headline should also include one of your primary keywords. A bad headline can keep a great article from being read.

Invest more in the first paragraph

One point you must never forget when it comes to content creation is that the lead paragraph is the key to grabbing the attention of your audience. This is the introductory summary. If it doesn’t grab the attention of your readers, they will simply click away. Make the first paragraph informative. This paragraph should be enticing enough to cause the readers to read the rest of the content. Using subheadings and lists will further lure audiences in.

Links are fundamental

High quality links will increase the value of your website in the eyes of search engines. This is why you should use several quality links on your content. You also need to add links to your other content. You must, however, never participate in link schemes. Only link with purpose. When providing links to external sites, the links should give credit to the source content as well as provide context.

Keep up with the trends

In order to create relevant content you must follow the industry’s pulse. Don’t provide your audiences with obsolete content. Covering trendy topics will also help your posts become trending posts.

There is a lot more that you should do in on-page SEO including excelling with social media marketing. These first tips will, however, help you get started on the right path.

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