How Does a Web Design Impact Your Bottom Line?

Web design Santee is mostly thought of in terms of aesthetics. What most people forget is that the web design plays a bigger role than just the looks. In this article we will be taking a quick look at the main ways your web design might be affecting your bottom line.

User experience

Every web designer Santee knows that the web design is the interface that visitors interact with. What this means is that if that interface is hard to use their experience will not be pleasant. With that being said, a poor design can easily cause you not to capture the attention of your audience. The web design is what directs the eye of the visitor, creates the professional presentation, increases functionality and helps build trust. The web design is also the part of your website that builds an emotional connection.

As you can see, it is very important to give more attention to the web design regardless of whether you are working on a blog or a business website. Your website must also not have annoying popups and other distracting web elements. If visitors feel annoyed, they will click away from your website. You also need to make use of clear call-to-action, intuitive sitemap and white spaces.

Search Engine Optimization

Some website owners don’t know that their web design Santee has the potential to affect their SEO negatively. Most of your new clients will find you through search engines. If your website does not rank well you will lose traffic. One of the ways web design impacts SEO is if it is loaded with too many elements that end up slowing your website. A website that takes long to load up will have a high bounce rate. This is perceived by search engines as a sign that your website is not as important. As a result your ranking will be pushed down. Design also impacts your SEO if there is poor navigation. Not having a responsive web design will also push your website’s ranking further down.

Load speed

How fast your website loads up will determine if visitors will stay on or leave. Load speed is mostly impacted by the elements on the website including images and plugins. Creating a simple website is the key to building a fast loading website. The sign up and checkout also matters. If you require shoppers to enter too many details they will leave.

As much as building a remarkable website is important, you have to keep the three facts in mind. Don’t build an attractive website that makes it hard for visitors to use your website. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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