Why You Need to Separate the Layers of Web Design

If you have any experience in web design Santee, then you know a website is made up of three layers: structure, style and behavior. The three layers work together to give your website the look and function that you need. All in all, it is good to note that even though these layers are important, you should always consider using external script files. The three layers should also be separated for these key reasons.

Shared resources

When the JavaScript or CSS file is created externally, any page on your website will be able to use that file. This is a great thing because when you change that file to make changes to the typographic styles on your website, every other page that uses the style-sheet will get the change. An experienced web designer Santee will recommend creating these files externally because you will not need to edit every page individually to update the look.

Faster downloads

Separating the layers of your website will also offer the benefit of boosting the overall performance of your web page. This is because when you are sharing the style-sheet or script, when a visitor opens one page the script or style sheet will be cached by their web browser. What this means is that when opening other pages the browser will not have to download the script or stylesheets again. This is because the shared resources will already be on his browser’s cache. Other pages that are requested will load much faster. This will improve the page performance and speed.


Studies have shown that websites that have clear separation of structure and style tend to perform better for search engines. This is because the search engines are able to crawl the content more efficiently and understand a page without getting bogged down in the visual style as well as behavior information. Your web designer Santee will hence recommend using external stylesheets so as to boost SEO.


External script and style sheets files are more accessible to both browsers and people. Software like screen readers are able to use structure style easily without dealing with other styles that are unreadable.

Backward compatibility

Another key reason why you should consider the use of external style sheets in web design Santee is because it will make your website backward compatible. You website will be both browser and device compatible because where CSS styles or JavaScript cannot be used visitors will view the HTML.

The above are just the main reasons why you should separate the layers of your website. For an even better web performance, always work with an experienced web designer. Don’t rely on guesswork when creating your website.

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