Which is the Best Web Hosting Package to Use?

Before you start working on a web design Santee, you have to think about hosting. The files of your website will have to be stored somewhere. Although it is possible to host your own website on a local server, it is better to host it on a remote server. When you choose a hosting company to work with, you will be presented with at least four options to choose from. They include the following.

Shared hosting

This is the most affordable hosting option. The shared hosting plans cost less than $10 per month. The problem with this package is that your website will be placed on the same server as several other websites. This means the bad reputation of websites on the shared severs can tarnish the reputation of your website more so when it comes to search engine ranking. Your web designer Santee will mostly recommend shared hosting if your budget is limited.

Cloud hosting

This is a more reliable hosting option. Your website will be hosted on several severs instead of just one server. The beauty of this option is that in case one server fails your website will still be reachable through other severs. Cloud hosting is more expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than Virtual private servers. The cost for managed cloud hosting can, however, be higher than the cost of using dedicated hosting.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

With this option, the hosting service provider will divide one sever into virtual services. This means that your website will get hosted the same as dedicated hosting. The reason for this is because each virtual server has allocated resources which are not shared. Unlike shared hosting where a website can take up most of the resources, you will maintain the same allocated resources throughout when using a VPS.

Dedicated hosting

This is the best option for a business website. All the resources are dedicated. Needless to say, this is the most expensive hosting package you will come across. It is perfect for large companies that have high-traffic websites. The cost for dedicated hosting starts from $100 per month.

Always consider the reputation of hosting service before purchasing a hosting service from them. Today most hosting companies offer domain name registration which means you don’t have to use more than one company to get your domain and hosting. You must also consider your website needs in order to select a package that is perfect for your website.

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