Web Design Santee – Common Web Design Standards to Use in Web Design Santee

Web design Santee needs to adhere to the standards. This doesn’t mean you copy everything your competitor is doing but rather adhere to the industry standards. There are certain elements that visitors expect to find at the same spot. For example, when searching for the ‘search box’, users assume that it is will be on the top part of the web page. Adhering to the standards can make the experience of your visitors better. Here are a few standards you should consider using.

Logo placement
When designing a website, you have to start by designing your business logo. This is because a great website must have the logo and the web elements should match with the logo colors. With the logo in hand, you need to note that most websites have their logo on the top left. As a web designer Santee, you also need to note that the logo is also clickable. Often, clicking on the logo will redirect to the ‘Home Page’.

Your website must have the contact information. If visitors like what you are offering, how will they contact you? The contact information has to be visible and usable. On more than 44% of the websites, the contact button is usually on the top right side of the web pages. Although this placement is common, it is not the standard. You should, however, consider using it.

Main navigation
Your users should be able to find their way around your website. That is why every web design Santee should include a clear navigation. On more than 88% of the websites, the main navigation is usually located across the top of all web pages. This is the standard. Having your main navigation anywhere else will only confuse your visitors.

Homepage slideshow
Have you noticed that most websites have a homepage slideshow? This helps showcase their main products or services without taking up a lot of space. But where should you place this? On 32% of websites, the slideshow is usually on the top part of the homepage. It is made up of a series of images and text messages. You need to consider the use of a homepage slideshow as a web designer Santee.

Call to action
People still want to be told what to do. This is where the call-to-action comes in. 78% of websites have visually prominent call-to-actions.

Social media icons
Your website must have social media icons in the footer. This makes it easy for visitors to connect with you on social media.

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