Top Reasons Why Your Website is failing

Having the best web design Santee is not the only thing you need to ace it in digital marketing. There are so many other things you have to think about in order to build a website that helps you beat your competition. In this article we will be looking at the main reasons why your website is failing and how you can fix it.

Not mobile friendly

This is a no brainer. When hiring a web designer Santee you want to hire one that will be able to create for you a website that is responsive. Over 60% of the visitors you will be getting on your website will be using mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly you will end up losing those visitors. It is also good to note that having a mobile friendly website will boost your search engine rankings.

When getting a new website built, you need to make sure that it is responsive. You have to test it not only on desktop browsers but also on different mobile devices. Great web design agencies offer mobile friendliness as a standard.

Not optimized for search

You probably already know this. Most of your traffic will come from search engines. What this means is that if your website does not rank well your competitors will always have an upper hand. Optimizing a website takes more than doing the right keyword research. Your web design Santee has a part to play on your website’s SEO. Ensure your web designer optimizes your code for search.

To further optimize your website for search, you must use a combination of both short and long tail keywords. Take note of voice searches and use keywords people use when speaking. You also need to check that the technical SEO of your website is in good shape.

No promotion

It is common for people to create a website and leave it at that. One thing you must remember is that there are thousands if not millions of websites that are similar to yours. For you to get in front of your target audiences, you have to optimize your website.

The only way to success in digital marketing is to actively promote your website. The good news is that there are marketing firms you can hire to help with marketing. Your web designer Santee can also help with the following:

  • Organic traffic
  • Paid advertising
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Referral links

Other common issues that may be dragging your website behind are slow page load speeds, no call-to-action, broken pages & links, and poor navigation. Always perform an audit of your website frequently and improve it.

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