How to Use Visual Hierarchy to Your Advantage in Web Design

web design SanteeWeb design Santee is not as complicated as it used to be. This is all thanks to user-friendly web builders and easy access to experienced web designers. However, for you to build an amazing website that commands attention you have to follow certain rules. In this post we will be taking a look at visual hierarchy and the things you ought to do to achieve the best results.

Upon landing on your website, visitors will scan the page without reading everything. If a visitor is searching for certain information or wants to complete a task they will scan through the page until they find what they are looking for. As a web designer Santee you need to build a website that is easy to scan. If the important areas are not highlighted, you will lose a lot of business. With that being said, what do you need to do to arrange your web elements in a manner that indicates importance?

Use natural scanning patterns

As a web designer you have a lot of control over where you want visitors to look while on a web page. However, for you to set the right path for visitors’ eyes to follow, you must make use of natural scanning patterns. There is the F-shaped pattern and the Z-shaped pattern. The F shaped pattern works great for text-heavy pages. The Z shaped pattern is perfect for pages that are not text oriented.

Prioritize elements visually

Another very important thing you need to do as a web designer Santee is to visually prioritize the important elements on your web page. For starters, you need to make focal points of the screen titles, navigation options, login forms and any other important element on your page. The best way to do this is to use different colors to highlight the important points. You can also bold the important points.

Create a mockup to clarify visual hierarchy

It is very important that before you get started with web design Santee you create a mockup of your website to see how it will look when you are done. You can also ask a friend to review the mockup and take note of their feedback. From here you can rearrange the web elements until they are easier to scan. When everything is set you can go ahead and build your web page.

Visual hierarchy is very important in web design Santee. Don’t be too eager to add elements on your page. Test everything before, during and after development. You must also never ignore user feedback. Remember you are building the website for the target audience and not for yourself.

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