Behind the Scenes of a Web Design

Working on a web design Santee requires more than just using the best CMS and installing the right theme. There is a lot that goes into web development. This is more so if your goal is to create a professional website. In this article, we shall be taking a look at the things that go on behind the scenes.

A web designer Santee will not get into web design right away. To create the best design, the web designer needs to understand the needs of the client. This is why a significant amount of time goes into research. On a standard website, a web designer will spend ten to twelve hours in research. In the research, he will look into everything from competitor websites and new trends in web design to the mission of the client. The research helps create the foundation of the creative process.

Content strategy
This has to be done before web design starts. The content that is to be published on a website will significantly impact the design. The content strategy is what sets the roadmap for the website. Content strategy takes into account the business objectives, target market, website goals and resources.

Wire frames
These are low fidelity sketches that guide the writers and designers as to what is needed on the website. The wire frame is basically a pre-design sketch that your web designer Santee will use to visualize the final design.

Search engine optimization cannot be ignored in online marketing. This stage includes keyword research and incorporating the keywords in the copy. The identified keywords will then be assigned to the pages on your website.

The content of a website is of utmost importance. The content should adhere to the content strategy, tell a story, set the mood, highlight the benefits to the target customers and describe the company’s products and services. It takes time to create great content. Basically, copywriting takes between 50 and 80 hours.

It takes hours to design a website. This stage takes between 50 and 80 hours to complete and an additional 30 hours for the design revisions. Design is done while considering the things that will impact usability, development and the overall user experience. The client is then given time to review the design. This is followed with any required revisions.

As you can see, it takes a considerable amount of time to create a website. The last thing you want is to cut corners when working on your website. Everything that you do has to be well thought out and must be backed with research.

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