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Pick Up or Delivery Requests Included.

COVID is creating a lot of uncertainty whether your food service is going to be open today or closed tomorrow.  You need to be able to take orders online and provide curbside and/or delivery service just to stay in business.   And The Foodie gets it done.  Take pick up and delivery orders yourself and take back your income!
The Foodie gives you the ability to add your menu and offer pick up or delivery service in one easy swoop!
So whether you’re a restaurant, a home food service business, or just need to start selling great food, The Foodie will work for you!

Why You Want The Foodie?
We do everything you need to get online with your food business!

The Foodie includes an inclusive setup and service for your food business online.

When you purchase The Foodie you get it installed, customized, and we show you how to use it and add and maintain your menu and more. 

It easily allows you to start selling your food services and products online so you don’t have to spend months setting up a website or trying to figure out how to manage your food service online with the new COVID normal.  We’re here to support you!