Web Designer Santee – What You Must Focus on in Web Design

Your priority as a web designer Santee is to create a website with a high degree of usability. Yes you may create the most sophisticated website but does it make it easy for visitors to navigate, read and understand? If the answer is no then you have failed as a web designer. There are a number of things you should focus on when creating your website.


When it comes to web design Santee, every experienced web designer understands that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The key keeping visitors glued to your website is by using valuable content, great organization and attractive design. A website that is simple and well organized is easy to use and will be appreciated by your visitors. Refrain from using popups, auto-play media and other unnecessary elements.

Fast loading pages

If you have done your research then you know that visitors expect a web page to load in less than 3 seconds. If your page takes longer to load up then you will notice a very high bounce rate. The key to creating web pages that load fast lies in using a reliable hosting page, and optimizing your images and code. Don’t add any web element that you can do without. You also need to limit the number of plugins you add to your website. The more the plugins you have the slower your website will be.

Minimal scrolling

Minimal scrolling is especially important on the first page. The more you require visitors to scroll the more likely they will abandon your site. Instead of adding too much information on the home page you should add links to read more on particular topics. As a web designer Santee you also need to make sure that you create a website that is optimized for mobile. Forcing visitors to scroll from left to right is the fastest way to lose visitors.

Consistent layout

Visitors don’t want to feel as if they landed on a new website after clicking on your links. Consistent layout is also crucial for usability. You need to repeat certain elements throughout your website.

Cross browser compatibility

Another very important thing you need to make sure of is that there is cross browser compatibility. Your website should load perfectly on different browsers. Test your website on as many websites as you can.

These are some of the most important things you need to do to achieve the best results in web design Santee. You also need to keep testing your website in order to improve it.

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