Important Pages Your Business Website Must Have

When it comes to web design Santee, one of the things you will have to do before you start building your website is to determine the type of pages that your website needs. The number of pages you have will definitely depend on what your website is about. For a small business, here are the fundamental pages that your website should have.


This is the first page visitors see when they enter your web address. It plays the biggest part in determining if a visitor will stay on your website or click away. This is why this page has to be as riveting as possible. It should also load fast and tell what your business is about and how you stand out from the others. Your web designer Santee should add the information that tells a visitor what your business is about and the type of products and/or services you offer. Bullet point on how your business can help a client will also be important.

About Page

Before doing business with you customers will want to learn more about you. This is where the need for an About Us page comes in. This page should include a summary of your business history and what distinguishes you from the competition. You can also add biographies and pictures of the key staffs and details on any special achievements that you have received.

Service Page

Visitors will want to see if you offer the service that they need. This page includes the list of services that you offer. If there are too many services, divide them into sections and add links to the landing page where visitors can learn more about a specific service. This page should give synopsis of the services and bullet points of all the services. Don’t forget to mention how your services differ from the ones offered by your competition.

Product Page

This page should include details on the products you sell. Begin by listing the products you offer then divide the products into categories and add links to individual product pages.

Contact Page

Visitors should be able to contact you easily. This is why you need to add a Contact Page. Don’t forget to add your email address, phone number and physical mailing address. In addition to having a Contact Page, you should make sure that your contact information is visible on every page.

These are vital pages you need to make sure your web designer Santee adds. You should also think about adding the following additional pages: FAQ page, Testimonials/reviews page, Blog, Privacy Policy Page, Terms and Condition Page, Sitemap Page and Page Not Found.

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